The PurebloodDAO is an exclusive Telegram community available only to Purebloods who hold at least 25 billion PUREBLOOD tokens (≥0.1% of the total supply).

Once the PurebloodDAO reaches 200 members, access will require an additional application process via the website, with members vetting and voting new recruits in – get thinking of ideas for new member initiations.

Purpose of PurebloodDAO

Meme bashing cucked liberals is all well and good. But here’s a taste of what else is planned:

  • Decide how to spend PUREBLOOD’s 5% donation sell tax (e.g., donating to Pureblood causes like icandecide.org)
  • Connect with fellow Purebloods
  • NFT Pureblood passports
  • In-person events
  • Govern and expand the Pureblood ecosystem

Given our goals, we must assume that every centralised entity that can censor us, will censor us. Therefore, we may need to build our own online platforms (e.g., Twitter, Discord, Medium, DEX, and NFT marketplace alternatives).

As we conquer the digital world, we will take back control of our physical world, too. Let’s save and restore historical monuments of heroes like Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson that are under siege.

Finally, let’s acquire our own land and build a smart city free of centralised, top-down tyranny!

How To Join

To be eligible to join PurebloodDAO, you must hold a minimum of 25 billion PUREBLOOD tokens. 

Connect your MetaMask using our Telegram bot and verify the contents of your wallet to join.

Become a member now and stand on the frontlines of the biggest fight for freedom in our lifetimes!