Unvaxxed & Ungovernable: We Are PUREBLOOD.

Purebloods are brave men who refuse to be enslaved by the Covid jab.​

Our Mission

We call on every pureblooded man to join the global brotherhood.

Whether rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, autist or chad, your untainted blood is needed in the fight against tyranny.

Hold the PUREBLOOD token and join the PurebloodDAO today!

pureblood graphic
pureblood graphic



Crypto is our strongest weapon against the authoritarians. If they cannot control our money, they cannot control us.

Crypto is full of high IQ tech nerds. Whilst many of these nerds value freedom in theory, most are vaxxed virgins who surrender at the first sign of pressure from governments and belligerent Karens.


  • Supply: 25 Trillion*
  • 100% liquid supply on Day 1
  • Liquidity locked for 1 year (from December, 2021)
  • 5% auto liquidity sell tax
  • 5% donation to pureblood causes sell tax (sent to: 0xc0195c99bf9Dd9678d20055152E238609d3f57B8)
  • No buy taxes
  • No BS
  • ERC-20 contract: 0xf10Bc87d4D00158D573f502EAFEae621b22FaA4f
  • View on Etherscan and Dextools.

*This figure reflects the approximate number of red blood cells in the human body.

pureblood brotherhood

Roadmap & Whitepaper

Every man that preserves his pureblood is welcome in the brotherhood.

Download the PUREBLOOD Whitepaper now to learn how you can join the global resistance effort.

The vaxxed will curse their cowardice and hold their heads in shame while our children tell glorious tales of the Purebloods!

pure blood

Q4 2021

  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Pureblood meme competition
  • Onboard more Purebloods & Pureblood influencers
  • Launch PurebloodDAO 
  • Create special Telegram group for PurebloodDAO members (holders of ≥25 billion PUREBLOOD)
  • Determine where first batch of 5% sell tax donations go (e.g. causes like icandecide.org) via PurebloodDAO
  • Expand to Gab, 4Chan and other platforms

Q1 2022

  • Multi-sig the Pureblood Donation address: 0xc0195c99bf9Dd9678d20055152E238609d3f57B8   
  • NFT Pureblood Passports
  • Pureblood merch
  • Audit
  • Establish Telegram groups for foreign language Purebloods
  • Get Pureblood hashtags (#Purebloods, #PUREBLOOD, #PurebloodToken) trending on Twitter
  • Trigger the vaxxed hard enough to get featured in the mainstream media
  • Create a meme storm big enough to send our Pureblooded sperm to the moon

Q2 2022 (and Beyond)

  • Vax risk awareness campaigns (inc. flyers, banners + incentivised sharing)
  • Get listed on based exchange(s)
  • Build Pureblood Tinder and Twitter alternatives
  • Erect statues in honor of the Purebloods
  • Make Pureblooded babies
  • Raise and protect our Pureblood offspring
pureblood legend
pure blood
pureblood legend


1. Create MetaMask Wallet

Download MetaMask for desktop or mobile.

2. Acquire ETH

You will need some ETH before you can buy PUREBLOOD. Buy ETH via MetaMask or transfer coins from exchanges like Kucoin and Coinbase.

3. Connect to Uniswap

Launch Uniswap, click “Connect Wallet” and select MetaMask.


Click “Select a token” and enter PUREBLOOD’s ERC-20 token contract address. Choose the amount of ETH you wish to swap for PUREBLOOD to complete the process.

5. Join the Pureblood Brotherhood

Hold PUREBLOOD to show your commitment to the Purebloods! Purebloods who hold a sufficient amount of PUREBLOOD gain access to the PurebloodDAO.

pureblood flow